Preschool & Early Learning Centre Classes

An Early Years Learning Program designed to improve sleep, 
increase focus and reduce anxiety.

Your children will embark on an Imaginative & Memorable journey

as we playfully introduce tools that inspire resilience and emotional

regulation creating a calmer environment for children and their

teachers too.

Holiday Workshops

Fun School Holiday Workshops offered throughout various locations in Sydney.

Vacation care and after school care programs and workshops available.  

  • Holiday Fun and Relaxation for kids

  • Playful Yoga poses and Healthy Movements

  • Social Yoga experiences building self-esteem and connection and community

  • Mindfulness and Meditation tools ready for the following Term of School 

High School Well-being Retreat Day

High School well- being retreat day/s designed to engage your students in an opportunity to experience self and community nurturing. The day is personalized to your students needs, we collaborate with Health expert and Strength and wellness coach that runs a program to engage the students in a fun interactive circuit building confidence, strength and a positive attitude towards exercise.


Following the Strength and Fitness circuit we work in collaboration to offer a nurturing Yoga, mindfulness and meditation experience. To stretch, unwind and relax both the body and mind. The students explore solitary yoga experiences to reflect on our challenges and experiences with kindness and respect.  They also are given the opportunity to connect with their peers in and understand compassion through partner and group Yoga. Group meditation has a phenomenal effect on teenagers; they are kinder to each other after, they listen in class their teacher, they sleep before and develop more focus, they often want to share their experience with their families.


e.g one of our year 7 male students shared this ... "my dad just started a company today and he is really stressed, can you send me today's meditation Miss because I think this will really help him"

e.g.2 year 8 male student shared this.. " Miss I tried the meditation you told us about at home last night and I slept all the way through, I never sleep that easily, Thank you"

e.g. 13 year old Male shared this straight after joining first Yoga class in hesitation saying Yoga is for girls... " That was so good, I feel really relaxed, I think all teenagers should try this cause being a teenager can be hectic sometimes" 

e.g. 14 year old Girl... "Thank you so much, I really needed that, I think all high school kids need to switch off sometimes.  

Private Classes ​

Childrens Yoga classes to your child's home, park, school, playgroup or mothers groups designed to promote the development of healthy habits and well-being for life.

Young Yoga offers personalised private lessons ( up to 4 children) for all ages playfully practising mindfulness, meditation and Yoga movement.

Family Meditation and Relaxation Programs

To your home or a location of your choice we come offering a personalised meditations programs designed to relax, connect and calm your family.  These programs can be held evenings after a busy day of work or weekends in preparation for the following week.

  • Relieving family stresses, anxieties and worries

  • Building a stronger sense of family connection

  • Sharing a time of relaxation with your children

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