Alysse Di Natale


Yoga and personal experience has taught me how important it is to embrace the moment.  Simply noticing when the ‘sky is blue’ gets my mind out of Sydney’s crazy traffic and life’s busy routine. Children have this innate ability to live in the moment and not worry about what has happened or what is about to happen next.

Yoga is the experience that positively encourages children to maintain that natural ability into teenage and adulthood, regardless of life’s social, financial or circumstantial stresses.

watching the expressions on their face after holding a new balance pose or when they confidently remember the song or rhyme that goes with the moves and they sing along louder than the group or before we even begin.

Practice gives children confidence and confidence gives children the feeling of satisfaction and a sense of belonging in their world. That growing feeling of self-esteem allows time and gentle guidance for young people to become who they really are.

During guided meditation/relaxation they have time out to simply be on their own mat, in their own space. Focusing only on how special, capable and important they are and treating their peers with equal respect and kindness.  An awareness your child or children can keep with them for life.

I have cared and educated children of all ages since 2008 ranging from

0-18 years old, supporting children of all needs including additional support. 

A beautiful addition to my current Yoga journey that I am truly grateful for led me to teach and share the practice of Yoga with adults. Keeping in line with my mission to support the well-being of children their families and their Teachers.


My vision is to share the beauty and magic of mindful movement and meditation with children and their Educators and Carers in order to offer a ripple effect of good health and compassionate connections within our communities.


 Qualified with a Diploma in Children’s Services - Certified by Zenergy Yoga - Successfully completed Foundation, Advanced Courses ,Therapy and Leadership in Children’s and Teens Yoga.

Successfully completed 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and in addition Meditation and Mindfulness Training.


A series of skills learnt. Driven by a passion for a lifestyle wellness. Experienced and knowledge - Inspired to shared with all.


(The light, love and kindness in me, sees that in each and every individual I am so grateful to encounter)

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