"A little more mindful and a little less mind full"

Young Yoga aims to introduce children of all ages to the practice of mindful movements, skills and strategies required to manage stressful situations early in life. Learning how to take a moment to process the situation and deal with the experience independently from their emotions and feelings.

Young Yoga - Meditation - Mindfulness

Our Classes offer a range of beginner, intermediate and challenging sequences to assist with the development of strength,balance,flexibility and body awareness through each mindful movement to assist with other extra curricular activities.

Meditation & Breathing awareness within our classes aim to help children develop skills to help assist with stress, anxiety, mental and emotional regulation through the use of guided meditation,positive visualizations, calming relaxation and mindfulness tools.


Mindfulness skills are offered as apart of our classes and programs through group work and solitary experience in a fun and memorable way, offering children experiences they will remember and use throughout their daily life.  

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